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    MMD Models

    Post by Chocola on Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:47 pm

    Now that you've got yourself some practice, it's time to download various models. MikuMikuDance comes a small set of default Models you can play with, but you can find more on several places. There are TDA based models, YYB based models, LAT based models, Append Models... anything kinds of models just within your hands reach.

    However, if you download a custom models that people have worked hard for, you MUST credit each user properly EVERYTIME you use their models! Model name, user who created it, edited it, anything really! Including the ones that has came with the program. Stealing and not crediting the users whose models you are using is highly prohibited. You MUST credit the user and follow their rules when using their models properly!

    Here's an example model and how to credit the user who made the model properly:

    Model: Reanne by BirdsSongs

    Like I said, using a model without proper usage of crediting the user who made the model you downloaded, is violation against the user who worked hard for the model you are using. No matter what models you use on MMD and on the video, you MUST and I repeat MUST credit the user properly!

    So now that's cleared, you might ask; "Where do I get the models?"

    DeviantArt is GREAT place to search and download MMD Models. Just type on DeviantArt's search box; "MMD Model/Models" or if you want to search SPECIFIC type of model like "TDA" models, type in "MMD TDA Model/Models" or if you want to be EVEN MORE SPECIFIC what model you want to search (like for example "Hatsune Miku"), then use the search words; "MMD TDA Hatsune Miku Model/Models".

    I'll provide the links to my own collection of models I've favorited so far so you can search some models there as well. Don't forget; Google is also your friend when it comes searching models.

    You can also find Accessories, parts, bases, effects ect on DeviantArt and on the internet. If you can't find certain accessory/part/base/effect ect on DeviantArt, again use Google to search.


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