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    VOCALOID-P data Vol.1


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    VOCALOID-P data Vol.1

    Post by Celestia on Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:43 pm

    Starting with the VOCALOID3 engine these special packs were released regularly.

    The pack is intended to act as a starter pack as well as a method of obtaining the official version of each song that was used in the works of Producers. Previously, the majority of VSQ files based on PVs and songs were recreated by VOCALOID fans, rather then the Producers themselves. All the Producers who have works in the pack are famous and established, the data included is both in .VSQx and .WAV format.

    Naturally, one cannot use these files for commercial use without permission of the original producer. However, they can be used for private and non-commercial use. You will also need the VOCALOID3 software, either full or tiny, to be able to use these packages.

    These products are currently subject to retirement as part of the VOCALOID3 product renewal and were due "SE" versions. They were never re-issued.


    Vol.1; the first of the packs contained a general assortment of famous songs by famous producers.
    The boxart displays a typical amateur producer set up; many producers for VOCALOID originally started out with just their desk, a computer and a few instruments (keyboard, guitar, etc.) within their own bedrooms or homes.



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