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    CeVIO Creative Studio SFE Full Version


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    CeVIO Creative Studio SFE Full Version

    Post by Celestia on Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:02 pm

    CeVIO Creative Studio is a commercial vocal synthesizer product released on September 26th, 2013. CeVIO Creative Studio won two awards in 2013, the "MicrosoftⓇ Innovation Award 2013" and the "CEDEC Award". CEVIO Creative Studio S is the full paid version.

    Features :

    Unlike the official trial, it does not require internet connection.
    Same functions as the legal version.
    You can use your legal Voicebanks.
    Added support for ONE Trial, Minato (Red) and Kazuki (Green)
    It Included Sasara Satou, Takahashi and Suzuki Tsudumi.Only available in Chinese. (The original interface is in Japanese).

    System Requirements :
    Japanese system configuration. (Location, Format, Language for non-Unicode programs).
    Requires .NET Framework 4.0. Install it if the program doesn't open.
    The text notes can be entered only in Hiragana.

    RULES :
    This project is only for usage of CeVIO at home, for fun.
    The other target of the project is advertising of CeVIO technology.
    If you have money - buy it!
    If you using CeVIO for commercial benefits - buy it!

    Download :
    Download | CeVIO Creative Studio SFE Full Version [53 MB]
    Via Binbox
    Link Status : Active


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